I’ve lost ten pounds

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks. So much has happened!

  • I’ve been weighing in at 123 every day for the past six days.
  • Still ~70% Primal, and liking it. This past weekend I veered way off-course to simply enjoy life, desserts, and alcohol with friends, but I’m pretty good during the weekdays. Today and yesterday I’ve added some fruit to my diet, probably because the weekend indulgences left me with a resurgent sweet tooth! That said, I don’t think watermelon and apples are terrible additions to any lifestyle 🙂
  • I have not logged my food intake since the 15th.
  • I’ve eaten out more than not. For a while I was eating out for dinner every single day — and still losing. Working on that healthy relationship with food.
  • I’ve met up with a ton of old friends and miraculously made new ones.
  • I’ve attended a wedding!
  • I’ve taken a photo from an unflattering angle that no longer looks as unflattering on me as half a year ago.
  • I’ve revisited a caffeine addiction. (In the words of Alan Hahn, “NO ONE SLEEPS.”)
  • A lot of walking, almost no workouts.

Life has been good, but I need to crash now. Trip to San Fran in a day and a half!