carb vacation

Oh my God I ate so much on this trip to SF that I think I need to fast for a couple days before eating again. Eek. Probably gained five pounds at the very least. No kidding. 3000+ calories every day.

Food was good though! I just need to learn self-control.

SF has been awesome. Will write about it when I get home.


I’ve lost ten pounds

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks. So much has happened!

  • I’ve been weighing in at 123 every day for the past six days.
  • Still ~70% Primal, and liking it. This past weekend I veered way off-course to simply enjoy life, desserts, and alcohol with friends, but I’m pretty good during the weekdays. Today and yesterday I’ve added some fruit to my diet, probably because the weekend indulgences left me with a resurgent sweet tooth! That said, I don’t think watermelon and apples are terrible additions to any lifestyle 🙂
  • I have not logged my food intake since the 15th.
  • I’ve eaten out more than not. For a while I was eating out for dinner every single day — and still losing. Working on that healthy relationship with food.
  • I’ve met up with a ton of old friends and miraculously made new ones.
  • I’ve attended a wedding!
  • I’ve taken a photo from an unflattering angle that no longer looks as unflattering on me as half a year ago.
  • I’ve revisited a caffeine addiction. (In the words of Alan Hahn, “NO ONE SLEEPS.”)
  • A lot of walking, almost no workouts.

Life has been good, but I need to crash now. Trip to San Fran in a day and a half!


I got a very special call this morning from someone regarding my May exam. Because of appeals from a few students, the one question I got wrong is now being ruled as having two answers, one of which is mine, which means – I HAVE NOW PASSED.


This means 1) getting a raise, 2) being able to vacation with a nice peace of mind, and 3) one less roadblock on my journey to becoming a fellow. It also means 4) PARTAY THIS WEEKEND AT MY HOUSE GUYS!!!! J/K. I still live at home, remember? 😦

Rent is expensive, yo.

Day 2 Primal went okay except I had ice cream at dinner with a friend. What’s nice is I felt in control. It was a choice, not a necessity, and I’m okay with that. 

Summer to-dos

A couple of things from Mark’s list:

  • Go for a walk in the summer rain. Grab you wellies or – even better – go barefoot. Taste the rain. Puddle stomp. Let your mind daydream in the upside reflections of the sky.
  • Listen to the nighttime wildlife (e.g. the cicada, frogs, crickets, coyotes, etc.)
  • For the remaining weeks of summer and early fall, pick 1-2 veggies a week that are at the peak of their harvest and go to town experimenting with recipes. Bonus: buy a slew of them at the farmer’s market while they’re cheap, and freeze or can them for later in the year.
  • Camp.
  • Sit around the fire at night – fire pit, campfire, bonfire, whatever you have.
  • Nap in a hammock.
  • Attend an outdoor concert or play.
  • Sleep as close to nature as you can. Even if you can’t camp on a given weekend, pitch a tent in the backyard, or sleep on the porch for a night.
  • Create a piece of art – whatever you feel like doing in the moment. Don’t stifle the experience with imposed standards. Just see where your mind goes and follow it.
  • Visit a new park in your area every weekend. Hit all the stops from wilderness areas to botanical gardens, nature centers to arboretums.
  • Mud fight!
  • Spend a whole day (or at least an afternoon) on the water. Go surfing, rafting, water skiing, river tubing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, or any combination of the above.
  • Have a late summer vacation? Take a day (if not the whole time) without any agenda whatsoever. Wander, poke around, park yourself somewhere and see what happens around you. Get as far away from the tourist hustle and bustle as possible and see where the locals go. Seek out the seemingly mundane, nondescript corners of the place. You might just find yourself swept up in something that will become the best memory of the whole trip.
  • Take a vineyard tour.
  • Meet the dawn one morning – with a hike, a yoga practice, or a early morning fishing expedition.
  • Break out the water balloons.
  • Sit on the beach (ocean or lake shore) with nothing but a cool drink and an indulgent novel.
  • Spend the day among rocks. Skip stones, climb boulders, or go geode hunting.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Reclaim the art of the backyard game. I’m talking the likes of croquet, frisbee golf, flag football, volleyball, horseshoes, Kubb (Viking chess), badminton, lawn darts, or outdoor bowling.
  • Spend an evening stargazing.

Day 1 Primal (again)

Went pretty well! Being busy at work kept me distracted from food, and I wasn’t even hungry for most of the day. I restarted PB because the “brain fog” and “memory delay” symptoms didn’t seem so pleasant right before my exam.

…which also went okay. But I didn’t check my answers (out of laziness, which is stupid, I know! But I was so exhausted after the second hour… haha) and guessed on about 6-7 out of 30.

Back to sleeping 4-5 hours a day, haha.

Saw Dark Knight Rises FINALLY.

Weighed myself after getting home around 1, and I was finally back in the 126s. Thanks dehydration?!

Day 1 Primal

My weight’s been all over the place (aka up up up!) lately but I’m kind of fed up with worrying about it, to be honest. I’m toward the end of another cold and finally got in a workout today; also started the slow transition to Primal Blueprint today and I’m feeling good so far. Giving up rice will not be easy, I know. But all the other sugary junk I could/NEED to do without.

So much, I swear like 90% of this is all emotional. Eating is emotional, we all know that by now. When you have the luxury, that is. I’ve definitely gained weight these past two weeks (has it only been two weeks? Jesus) but at my most recent thinnest (~126) I was pretty puzzled about how I got there. It happened kind of suddenly. There is photographic evidence! Now I’m back in the 127-129 range and trying to figure out how to eat without feeling deprived. Binging has been a struggle. My parents came back with another huge Costco haul, including Haagen Daaz ice cream and croissants. I’m not going to touch them. Really!

**Oh yeah, I totally broke my no-scale rule! >< But it’s fine; the novelty of the Eatsmart scale has pretty much worn off by now.