getting closer

  • Finished going through the material for August exam; time for review!
  • This afternoon I finally broke into the 126s on my new scale 😀 1.3 pounds away from GW2!
  • I’m eating oatmeal now, and it seems to be helping to curb my appetite a little. Today I finished everything by 10 am, snacked a bit on dark chocolate throughout the day, and then came home for dinner at 6:30. So basically I eat two meals now: one at 9 and another at 6. Each meal’s about 500-600 calories. Snacks add up to 400-500. 
  • Tried shirataki noodles for dinner today and they are extremely filling. I mean, they seem to expand in your stomach or something. I can still feel them an hour later. Which is not even necessarily a good thing, as I want to be able to work out later!
  • I’m downloading Recovery Record, an app that helps you monitor the emotions surrounding your eating.

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