brief update

I feel like I haven’t had the time or motivation to post lately, so here’s a brief update:

  • Started taking melatonin to sleep better. I have been waking up after five hours of sleep every day for the past 1-2 weeks. This is pretty abnormal for me. I generally don’t sleep over 5-6 hours anyway but I’ll have one day of the week where I just crash. Lately I haven’t been able to “crash.” As in, my body desperately wants to but it just can’t.
  • I really, really want to cut alcohol out of my life but it is so damn hard. Last night, for instance, my friend refused to drink unless I did, so I ended up drinking one beer more than planned.
  • Same goes for caffeine/coffee.
  • I think I’m plateauing. My weight is fluctuating a lot these last two weeks, and I’m kind of exhausted from all the calorie-counting, to be honest. Kind of exhausted about life. I want to have a nice long vacation on a beach in a location where no one judges you for your belly flab or cellulite or whatever else people get judged for. This location clearly doesn’t exist, but!
  • Lately been getting light-headed after standing up too quickly or going up the stairs. Not sure why this is happening or if it is connected to the chronic fatigue.

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