happiness is cyclic

Because some things are not going well, it feels like nothing is going well. Which is not true. I had to look at my progress chart to remind myself of that. I went shopping yesterday and the experience was definitely humbling. Clothes did not fit when I thought they would’ve, or they fit poorly. In the end I managed to score some shoes, intimates, and earrings. I mean, I’m glad.

It’s not this aspect of my life that’s most upsetting, of course. I’m still at GW1, just jumping up and down (while staying under it) a couple pounds from day to day. The other thing is, I can’t sleep past five hours. I’m writing this at 6am having woken up at 4. For no fucking reason.

Also, a romantic prospect just kinda fell through a couple days ago over, I suspect, aesthetic expectations. 😦

I guess I am just getting reacquainted with a lot of things that have always been wrong with me. Sometimes you forget they’re still there.


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