Weight stuff

I’ve been weighing in at GW1 for the past four days! And this afternoon (because I’m stupid) I weighed in a second time and, yeah it’s just water loss, but I’d dropped two pounds from the morning. When was the last time the scale read 128?? Probably right when I’d just moved back home from Atlanta and started gaining all my weight back. At the time 128 felt like a curse; now it’s a huge relief. And honestly, my current 128 (it’s gonna be back in the 30s tomorrow though, just wait) means a lot more to me because of the strength I’ve gained in these few months.

I didn’t log it on MFP because I try to log only morning weigh-ins for the sake of consistency. But lately I’ve been logging everything (food), and it helps a lot.

A part of me is afraid that now that I’m exercising again I’ll be gaining that weight back soon >< I know it’s just a number, but I grew up with these numbers.

jslfkjsa I can’t wait to be 125, and then 120 (this has not happened since high school. is this even possible)… slow and steady, alright. It’s taken me three months to lose these 4-6 pounds. I really want to see abs šŸ˜€ lol. And I want to go to the beach. Like really badly.


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