too early to talk about it

My weight is climbing dramatically, and I have no idea why. Made the mistake of going shopping today because a friend’s in town and wants to go out tomorrow night–I have nothing to wear. I don’t know. Lately I just feel like everything looks shitty on me, and it does. Nothing fits right, and I honestly can’t imagine how anything would.

I think I’m eating normally. But I’m often so bored at work that I finish all my meals by 10:30. Afterwards, until 5 PM, I have one or two packs of nuts. Then dinner somewhere from 7-9. 

Sorry, feeling foul today, and it just got so much worse when I went into the hypothyroidism forums on MFP. It’s that feeling of helplessness again. It’s been three months, and I have only gained weight. Sure, I’m stronger, but it feels like the fat is still all there. Argh!!

Workouts this week:

  • Monday: Ripped in 30 and stuff
  • Tuesday: NYSC Total Body Conditioning 45 min
  • Wednesday: 30 min treadmill on incline 8-10, some RI30/BFi90/P90X
  • Thursday: Kettlebell Kickboxing 1:15
  • Friday: NYSC Total Body Conditioning 45 min

I’m so tired! And we have another class tomorrow, which I’m considering canceling. I haven’t been sleeping well this week, averaging 5 hours a night, 6 if I’m lucky. Because I keep waking up at 6 no matter how late I sleep! 

Frustration abounds.


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