• Weird bump on hand that I didn’t notice until now. It’s been hurting for about a week, and I just assumed I banged it against something hard in the basement (totally likely). It hurts like a black-and-blue, except you can’t see the colors…
  • I’m on RI30 Day 9.5 now, still L2. Progression is slow because I’ve been doing more cardio.
  • Speaking of, ran about a mile today. Legs were like thick immobile logs. Running early in the morning is not my cup of tea (or my 菜, to borrow/butcher a Chinese phrase). I also forgot to stretch beforehand.
  • Trying to give my body a bit of a break in light of the beating it’s taken these last few weeks — but now that I’m “free,” there’s a lot of alcohol on the horizon. Tuesday is Happy Hour at work, then going to a friend’s show where there will be free beer afterwards… hey, it’s Asahi; Saturday my friend’s coming from Boston with her whole posse and I foresee much hearty drinking. Oh, one of them is an actuary who just took the same exam as I did, so maybe drunken commiserating, too. (Or drunken me being bitter that he passed and I didn’t ;_;)

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