Fitter and Fatter

Today’s workout:

  • Started Convict Conditioning.
  • RI30 L1 – in total, day 7!
  • Insanity Fit Test.

I’ve been consistently improving in the Fit Test, which leads me to think that I am indeed getting fitter, but I’ve also been eating junk (chocolate) like crazy this past stress-filled week. Though to be fair, it’s been a stress-filled couple months. I’m glad I’ve stuck to exercising for this long. Still, I need to kick this bad emotional eating habit. Also, I’ve noticed that not eating white rice leads me to binge on sugar-filled snacks wayyy more frequently.

I think tomorrow I’m going to officially move on to L2. My parents are coming back, too, so there will be more food variety in my future.

… all this looking at formulas and numbers has rendered me INCAPABLE OF ENGLISH SPEECH.


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