Ripped in 30 – L1D4

Eating a cucumber and typing with one hand.

Been logging everything on Fitocracy ( and neglecting this blog, oops. Last week was kind of a bad week in terms of food – I just couldn’t stop eating chocolate! The dark chocolate-covered acai berries. Then this weekend I discovered some white chocolate truffles in the fridge and was depressed enough to binge on them. Also I’ve been kind of a slob, leaving dishes in the sink, which makes me not want to prepare food as well because of the dirty dishes in the sink (and everywhere else)! 

And I’m averaging five hours of sleep these days 😦 

So some goals for the next two weeks (I’ll be spending one of them entirely at home!):

  • Exercise three times a day. Morning: jumping jacks, burpees, etc., nothing too strenuous, just a couple minutes. Lunch: walk. Evening: Ripped in 30 or whatever full-length workout I’m in the mood for.
  • Prepare all three meals. Think ahead!
  • Try to eat only three times a day.
  • Avoid sweets as much as possible.

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