Why am I posting instead of working out (or sleeping)?

An hour ago I was yawning constantly and trying to finish the last couple minutes of my online seminar for the exam. Once done, surge of energy! Okay, I’m getting tired. It’s 1:35 am. I took a two-hour nap today, but I’ve been averaging 4-5 hours a night. Work is crazy busy so I’ve been behind on my study hours. If I hadn’t gotten two sections (and a chapter) in tonight, I would’ve felt majorly stressed about tomorrow.

But overall, lately, things have been good. I think I’m in a relatively stable place right now. I eat when I want to eat, and I don’t feel so guilty about it. I don’t feel so guilty about not working out for the past two days either, although my body wants to because I have awful posture when I’m sitting, and I sit all the time. I’m all jammed up. By the way, STILL sore from Insanity. It’s been two days! It’s like parts of me got less sore and the parts that were sore but not as sore comparatively are now louder as a result.

The only thing about food is that I can’t cook what I crave, and right now I’m craving winter melon soup. I want to switch up my vegetables so bad! But djflsj no time or SKILLS.


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