Insanity Day 2: Plyo

It’s been a long day, and I almost didn’t make it down to the basement tonight. Glad I did. Should’ve studied more–only got 4.5 hours in, all during the day–but maybe I’ll take a shower and do a problem or two. It’s a busy week at work and some unnecessary drama’s been grating on my nerves. Ventured briefly back into K-pop tonight, which is how you know things are kind of low (rhyme!). Not sure why I associate K-pop with being unhappy now. I guess it reminds me of a time (arguably still ongoing) when I felt most displaced and directionless. I am definitely direction-ed now, but not really by choice? Well, let’s not go there.

I think tomorrow’s gonna be a rest/light workout day. I’ll probably be sore. I already was a bit today!


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