30DS Day 28, Insanity Fit Test

Sooo just two more days and I’ll finally be done with 30DS! Today was tough as always, but in a different way. With every session I can feel some improvement so each one gets harder as I am forced to push myself a bit more. Plank holds are almost easy now, as are “Rocky-style” situps. Still hate traveling pushups and plank rows with leg raises, though–HATE. I am always dreading circuit three because of those two. I have to do plank rows without weights because they hurt my wrists.

And now… for the Insanity Fit Test. I’ve done Insanity before, very briefly, a few months after my P90X stint, and what I remember from it can be summed up with the word “pain.” It’s extremely tough, and tough on your joints. That said, I think I need some higher-intensity cardio than I’ve been incorporating into my workouts, and I feel ready for something more advanced. I’m planning on modifying the high-impact moves and going at my own pace as much as possible.

Here’s a comparison of my Fit Test results from July 2011 to today’s:


I modified the first three (high-impact) moves, but managed to improve on the rest because of squats and better upper body strength thanks to Jillian! Most noticeably I thought globe jumps were a lot easier, because I remember them kicking my ass way back when 😀

Also I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve been weighing myself a bit obsessively lately, and this morning I noticed a visible change in my tummy! Well, it always bloats up over the course of the day but it felt like a minor accomplishment. I’m about -2 lb from my “starting” weight now.


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