30DS Day 26

I am really tired and I keep hoping it’s actually Day 27. Nope. 26 it is. I skipped yesterday to watch depressing basketball and tried to get back into it today with L3 + the Be Fit in 90 Day 1 Strength again. Ohhhh man. So I am more sore from ten minutes of BFi90 than I’ve ever been with 30DS! Is it because the strength is a good consecutive ten minutes as opposed to three-minute blocks? The moves aren’t really that difficult, but I could feel them in my arms and legs even today, two days later. I’m not used to being sore anymore! Jillian never asked that much of me.

Must add – am working through a bad-and-worsening headache right now. Wednesdays I take off work to study and that means staying at home all day with poor lighting. The 2.5-hour nap didn’t even help. Blaarrgh and tomorrow I agreed to go to a rock cruise with a friend so that means no studying unless I find some time at work. It’s really getting down to the wire and I’m starting to feel Knicks-like about my chances of passing this one.


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