Didn’t feel like shredding today, so I went with a couple minutes walking backwards (my lower back pain from yesterday has gotten a lot better!), a couple on the elliptical, ten-minute kickboxing, and the BeFitin90 Day 1 ten-minute strength workout. Kept it simple. I liked the strength workout. It moved muscles that the Shred doesn’t, just to keep things fresh.

Sort of a NSV in progress: the past half year has been a lesson in not just moderation but adaptation or, rather, acceptance. I am learning to accept this body that I own, its stubbornness rivaling (if not surpassing -_-) that of the strongest minds, and to speak with it. I can’t force it to change at will. It’s gotta be on board first. What works for other people will not likely work for me, and I have to be okay with that.

I wonder if this is how Tyson Chandler feels after talking with Jeremy Lin.


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