30DS Day 24

Just six more days to go! I am getting a little bored, despite the moves in L3 being significantly harder than those in the other levels. Sometimes they are hard in ways you don’t expect. The lateral raises hurt my elbow more than anything else. Similarly, the one where you do a plank on weights hurts my PALMS! So I have to modify or half-ass them.

The week before I left for China I was suddenly gaining weight, about 2-4 pounds. Still not sure if it was the Synthroid or something else, but I’ve stopped taking it, and now I’m back to where I was before when I was starting to see some results. 

Food: I’ve been cooking and trying to eat as balanced as possible. Salmon the past two nights. A sad little omelet this morning (I am an awful cook). The taste of unrefined virgin coconut oil takes some serious getting used to! I’m no longer pushing the green smoothie thing because some days I just want warm cooked food. Trying to listen to my body better and give it what it needs.

That’s about it. Gotta shower, make dinner, then maybe some grocery shopping, and hardcore studying time!


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