Back from China

Just got back today! A few things before I forget:

  • I did days 21 and 22 before leaving for China, so two days of L3 so far! But then while there I only managed to squeeze in one workout (to be fair, was only there for 2.5 days after the flight got delayed in Detroit. Let’s not even go there, ergh.) and for that I did L1, the L3 warmup, some Zumba, some Turbo Jam, and Walk Off the Pounds.
  • Lots of eating, but not a single regret. This is life! And it was so good.
  • I made congee today with ~2 cups of rice, half a carrot, 2 preserved duck eggs, a couple bamboo shoots, and 5 fish balls. Seasoning: salt, pepper, sesame oil, vinegar. This was my first time making congee and it’s not the best attempt but still edible.
  • Also made carrot/apple/pear/banana smoothie for tomorrow morning.
  • Hungover for 32 hours, half of which were spent on planes or in airports. God, so much of this trip was wasted in the air 😦
  • I feel like increased Synthroid dosage has made me gain weight?! And honestly I am not sure how necessary it is right now. A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise would probably do much better.
  • China always forces me to confront some lifelong insecurities–about my physical appearance and my personality. This was no exception. I know I have a lot to work through. That’s become increasingly clear recently. I need to stop making excuses and work towards a better me. I know, I really do, that just becoming thinner and more fit isn’t going to solve all my problems. Baby steps.
Watching The Biggest Loser these days keeps my head clear. It’s a great motivator to see these people achieve the results they do.
Also, grocery shopping tomorrow! I need to make a list, haven’t in ages. And I know I was so excited to have the apartment to myself but coming home alone was surprisingly harder than I imagined. As much as I want to break free sometimes and assert my independence, I love my parents to death, and being here by myself is kind of lonely.

3 thoughts on “Back from China

  1. i don’t know what your insecurities about your personality are but, for what it’s worth, i’ve always found it to be one of the coolest and most likeable ones i’ve come by. a genuine, easy-going, humble, FUNNY, open-booked heart. best of luck with your personal journey! big hugs ❤

      • wtf? how’d u know it was me?! haha Nah, seriously, trust me, you’re cool in general <=). we should talk sometime!! hmm… i shall call u one of these days…<=P

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