30DS Day 20 (I think?!)

It’s either Day 19.5 or 20.5! I can’t remember! Basically had a crazy food-and-fun-filled weekend with a lot of friends visiting and ended up half-assing my Saturday morning workout (hence the .5), then got sick Saturday night because the weather was unpredictably cold, and have been recovering since. Also Level 2 has not been kind on my knees, so I’m trying to tone it down. Things to note:

  • Maybe I’m imagining it, but Monday my work pants did feel strangely looser than usual. Is it because I haven’t washed them in forever?!
  • Not seeing much progress in the tummy area though, which fluctuates from day to day depending on what I’ve consumed.
  • Jillian recommends taking breaks between workouts rather than doing them consecutively, but I think it’s important to not take more than a day or two of rest. I noticed that after essentially not working out at all this weekend it was a lot harder to get back on that horse.
  • Walked thirty blocks in the city on Sunday though! Hungover!

I’m going to Shanghai this Friday and will do my best not to pig out. We should be walking, or at least walking more than I normally do at my 9-5 sedentary job, and I’ll try to bust out 30DS with water bottles in the morning or something. 🙂


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