TurboFire HIIT 15 and (Almost) Halfway through 30DS

  • Did my first full TurboFire workout – the 15 minute HIIT. Tough on the knees so I modified some. Doable!
  • Today will be Day 5 of Level 2 – aka halfway through 30DS! I won’t get to it til tonight though.
  • Finally took those “before” photos… lol. I don’t have anything to compare them to but I think I look a little more compact than before? Wish I’d taken them on Day 1, but oh well 😀
  • Study study study. 
  • Think I’m gonna squeeze in two workouts a day from now until I go to China. Don’t want the relatives commenting on how fat I’ve become, yet again!
  • Oh yeah, my thyroid levels are normal now, but the doc upped my dosage to 50 anyway… it’s helped in that I don’t feel cold anymore and maybe a little less sluggish. Not so much in terms of weight loss but I’m not really expecting anything, just grinding away what I can through Jillian, haha.

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