30DS: Day 11

AKA first day of Level 2! It was definitely tougher and higher-impact. I had to do modifications for half the moves to protect my knees. The last round of strength just about slayed my shoulders; I really couldn’t raise them any higher. But man, I love this workout and Jillian Michaels. I know people complain that her voice is grating, but I find her a lot more bearable and genuine than other DVD instructors (Physique 57, Callanetics come to mind).

Also I gave TurboFire a try this past weekend and again this morning, and I suspect it really isn’t my thing, in the same way that Insanity isn’t. Too much simultaneous high-impact and high-intensity wear me down pretty quickly and I end up giving up after just a few minutes. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been trying it out after a round of 30DS? I might drag my cousin into doing it with me after the Knicks-Bulls game 😀

On the side of visible changes: there aren’t many that I can see, but I feel stronger, especially around my midsection. I was almost doing a proper situp yesterday (normally I feel like I have to strain my neck, which is exactly what you’re not supposed to do). So hopefully keep this up and more visible results will come to light!


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