Stress and Basketball

Coworker: So where are you in your studying right now? Halfway done?

Me: No…

Coworker: What? Seriously? Some of my friends are taking their seminars now.

Me: …

Coworker: That means they’ve gone through all the material and have the next two months to review.

Me: Oh dear God.



  • I am a good example of the correlation between stress and belly fat. 😦
  • Day 8 of 30DS. I used 5lbs today because my cousin and aunt wanted to join. Yikes. I think I hurt my right wrist #tysonchandler
  • Knicks with two consecutive losses. We knew this was coming. Honestly the last two games have been so painful to watch I’m thinking of going back into another twelve-year fanbernation. There’s another game tomorrow. I’m not planning on coming home.
  • Suddenly found out I have to make a trip to China late March. Aaaaaah, life, you don’t make it easy, do you?

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