Quick update

  • Had my chest echocardiogram today – don’t know specifics yet but the doctor said, “looks good,” which is good! They’re going to mail it to my PCP and then she’ll let me know what’s up.
  • I haven’t done P90X’s Ab Ripper X in a long time. So today after Chest and Back I got on the mat and decided to whip out some of the exercises I remembered from the routine while watching a Korean reality TV show… I was shaking within seconds. Legit vibrations. My stomach is just a giant tub of lard.
  • Number of steps today: 12424! The little man at the bottom of the pedometer is giving me a BANZAI \o/
  • Yesterday: 8005. Sunday: 8406. Saturday: forgot to wear. Friday: 9152. Thursday: 10838. Wednesday: 12880. A steady decline up until today.
  • I’ve been taking Synthroid for two days now and my body seems to be warming up a small bit. I don’t get as cold at work anymore, but I can’t tell if it’s a change in the temperature or the drug is actually taking effect. As for side effects, last night/this morning I experienced some minor chest discomfort, like my heart was beating a little too quickly. Maybe that’s how it’s keeping me warm…

In summary, 24 but I feel like I’m going on 40. Ack. I’m going to try this medication for a month and see how it goes. Maybe exercise, quitting alcohol, and adjusting my (weekend) sleep schedule will serve as a natural remedy.


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